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November 1, 2020
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November 1, 2020 Kim Mogilevsky

Saratoga Springs, UT- Analytic Orange, a national, diversity-driven, education publishing company has partnered with Instructure/Canvas, the leading learning management system used by major school districts nationwide.

The companies say their partnership will allow rapid scaling and distribution of racially and culturally diverse K-8 curriculum that answers educators’ demand for accurate, relevant curriculum they need to support student achievement in today’s changing environment.

For the past year, Analytic Orange (AO) has been creating a relevant, inclusive, multi-perspective, standards-based social studies textbook that meets the needs of today’s culturally aware teachers, students, parents, schools, and society.

For its expanding K-8 curriculum, AO searches original sources for accurate, compelling stories and experiences that provide students and teachers with multiple perspectives for historical events. Its publication provides a wide range of positive examples of people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures in leadership roles. AO’s expert reviewers, also from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures, review its publication to ensure that the stories are accurate and that they are told respectfully and empathetically.

Canvas provides robust learning management systems for school districts nationwide. Part of its motto is “a learning platform that helps great education happen.”

“Our partnership with Instructure provides a connected learning experience through Canvas,” says AO’s CEO Dr. Kim Mogilevsky

Analytic Orange’s partnership with Instructure respects educators and supports equitable education for all students. Analytic Orange will now be able to make accessing social studies content based on multiple perspectives even easier for students, teachers, schools, school districts, and communities.

“As experienced classroom educators and curriculum writers, we believe our unique curriculum will dramatically boost student achievement by engaging them and their teachers, parents, schools, and communities in different, up-to-date, and accurate social studies lessons,” says Dr. Mogilevsky. “We believe all students, including reluctant readers, will now be drawn deeply into their lessons because the stories are more reflective of the diversity that they see in our country each day.”

Available worldwide, Canvas and Analytic Orange are providing turn-key learning modules for America’s schools – from small rural districts to large urban districts.

Given the dramatic changes taking place across the country, as students, teachers, parents, and schools demand a more inclusive, relevant and interesting education, AO and its partners are confident that AO’s bold new curriculum products answer and go beyond the call.

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