Publishing Company Gives Original Lesson Plans to Parents and Teachers for Black History Month

February 1, 2021
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Saratoga Springs, Utah — To commemorate Black History Month, Analytic Orange (AO), a teacher-led education publishing company, is offering parents and teachers free lesson plans focusing on historic African American contributions.

“We believe Black history is American history and should be taught year-round. We recognize that parents and teachers are particularly in need of fresh, authentic lessons to use with students this month,” says AO founder and CEO Dr. Kim Mogilevsky. “When I was a teacher, I would have welcomed the lessons we’re producing now. I know many teachers are hungry for compelling, primary-source materials and relevant lesson plans,” she says.

AO textbooks, teacher editions, and support materials will be available soon nationwide for kindergarten through fifth-grade students. All materials will be conveniently available through the AO website. “Because we’ve written these materials for schools nationwide, we felt that making some of them available now to parents and teachers at home, online, and in classrooms during COVID-19 would be of great value,” says Dr. Mogilevsky. “And, given the national attention on diversity in America, it is vital we share this inclusive curriculum.”

Analytic Orange provides comprehensive, multi-perspective, and inclusive social studies textbooks and curriculum materials, including hands-on projects and community engagement while focusing on critical thinking and problem-solving.

“As veteran teachers, we are talking to teachers and educators across the country every day, so we know the desperate need for new material to engage and inspire more students and also help boost student knowledge and achievement,” says Dr. Mogilevsky.

The company says, “Our goal is for all students to see themselves reflected in Analytic Orange’s materials as leaders, role models, and innovators. All students benefit from learning about historical events from the diverse points-of-view of the people who experienced history.”

Parents and teachers interested in lesson plan materials for Black History Month may visit

Parents, teachers, and all education facilitators looking for diverse complimentary education resources can sign up here: Our March Women’s History Month will be available soon. Sign up to receive complimentary resources every month.

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