Spending Ed-Tech Dollars Wisely

January 1, 2021
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School districts are clamoring for learning technology in the classroom. When talking about curriculum, everyone wants a tech component to go with it. But how useful is all of that technology in helping students learn? The answer might surprise you.


Davis (2019) stated, “A new nationwide survey from Common Sense Media found that 31 percent of educators say they’re not able to use technology because of a lack of training” (n.p.). If a teacher is struggling to figure out an educational program, it’s the wrong choice for their students. In technology, more is not better; it’s just more. A successful technology learning tool will have the simplicity of design. The user should be able to focus on the content, not get mired down in the process.


After you select an educational program for the classroom, there are still other concerns. When students log in, are they just playing around or learning? Educators want to know if the time spent in the edtech space increases student achievement (Davis, 2019). 


Analytic Orange solves these problems and at a much lower cost than most other social studies curricula. The educational program does not regurgitate the printed student edition; it builds upon that knowledge. The added lessons provide another opportunity for students to read informational text as part of the ELA block in an easily navigated journey.


Students enjoy logging into AO’s learning portal while educators get real-time data. The educator portal shows where each student spends their time in the application and what they actually learn. You can see the metacognition analysis at the district level, the classroom level, and the individual student level. With our system, you can focus on those that need assistance and have peace of mind that your edtech dollars are not wasted.




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