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February Giveaway – Celebrate Black History Month

Have your students learn about African Americans’ significant contributions to our country and world. Celebrate Black History Month with our engaging lesson plan resources. Sign up today and find out what makes AO so special. We cannot wait to celebrate with you!

Sign up for our February Giveaway by sending us an email: Just tell us you want to join our monthly free teaching resources giveaways.

February Giveaway

November Giveaway – Native American Heritage Month, Holocaust Remembrance, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving

November is a time for Native American Heritage Month, Holocaust Remembrance, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving. Honor and celebrate in your classroom with our fantastic FREE resources. All you have to do is sign up! Please send us an email at info@analyticorange to receive high-quality, research-based thematic lesson resources every month.

November Giveaway

August – Constructing a New School Year

Back-to-School seems to be starting earlier and earlier. It’s not your imagination – mid-August is the most popular time for students to return to school in the U.S. The Pew Research Center collected data on when elementary and secondary students return to school from late July to after Labor Day (early September). 

School Start Dates

Pew Research Center Data

Check out Pew’s full report here.

As you set up your classroom or school hallway bulletin boards, consider using our inspiring and positive “road signs” to guide students to experience their best school year. What bulleting board title would you use? Here are a few suggestions from our readers:

  • The Road to Success is Always Under Construction ~ S. Gregory.

  • Building Toward Success ~ B. Johanna.

  • All Signs Point to Success ~ J. Calderin.

The signs remind students to practice healthy habits, maintain a growth mindset, and focus on the excitement of learning new things this school year. Enjoy a complimentary sample set of five signs here, and let us know what title you use.


Analytic Orange’s signs are perfect for the beginning of the school year to help students “drive” toward success. The complete PDF set includes 16 different signs and is available for purchase on TeachersPayTeachers.

July – Good Citizenship & Summertime Fun

We celebrate our country’s independence from Great Britain every year on the 4th of July. Many families will spend time at public parks, beaches, and other community spaces. Being a good citizen means respecting each other, obeying the rules and laws posted, and caring for the animals and environment.



Access our summertime citizenship activity PDF (below) and answer key by clicking here.

Responsible Citizenship


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